soft as water Charles P. Busch

  • A book of brilliantly simple meditations, soft as water is bursting with wisdom. It is a book that can change your life and change the world. If you believe in the necessity of peace in the Nuclear Age, this book will provide new insights and energy. Charles Busch doubles down on the power of story-telling. Every story in this book has deep meaning which is fleshed by a sharp reflection on its significance for peace and justice. soft as water offers some of the most important concepts of contemporary peacebuilding for individuals and groups in a soothing yet inspiring language. Whether you are concerned with inner peace or world peace, this book is full of insightful gems.

Caring About Hunger George Kent

  • In this world of abundant resources and huge wealth, hunger cannot be understood simply as a problem of food production. It is also a matter of human relations. Hunger grows out of widespread indifference and exploitation. The goal of ending hunger has been achieved in many places, including places where people have little money. In stable, strong communities, where people care about one another's well-being, no one goes hungry. That caring is strengthened when people work and play together. This insight tells us the direction we need to take to move toward a world without hunger. The problem of global hunger will be solved when we learn to live together well locally.
  • Irene