Governments Push Infant Formula George Kent

  • George Kent’s book is an articulate and incisive analysis of the ways in which some governments actively promote the use of infant formula. They do this despite the predictable harm it does to children’s health. The book is a timely and powerful reminder to governments in the rich and poor world of their obligations under international law to protect children’s health and the right to food through framework legislation and the regulation of non-State actors including corporations. Effective remedies are urgently required.
  • Irene

Ideas for Change Simon Davies

  • Ideas for Change is an independent project to help improve the effectiveness of citizen activism. It’s a ’tool kit’ of around one hundred strategic principles and campaign tactics that - across the centuries - have changed the world for the better. Ideas for Change emerged from the arenas of information rights and privacy, but its principles should benefit any aspect of direct action. If you look closely at the most successful privacy campaigns of the past forty years, you’ll see a clear reflection of the most celebrated actions of the peace movement, consumer rights and environmental activism. The principles of strategy are immutable.

Feta Män Anna Johansson

  • Vad symboliserar den feta manskroppen i ett samhälle där det förs krig mot fetman och där den slanka, fettfria kroppen är norm - inte bara för kvinnor utan också för män? Ur ett intersektionellt och fettkritiskt perspektiv diskuteras den feta kroppen i termer av ett fettmonster som skall bekämpas i kriget mot fetman och hur feta, vita män representeras som förlorare i film och tv. Med ätandet i fokus får Göran Persson och Edward Blom exemplifiera den frossade mannen, medan GW Persson och deltagare i The Biggest Loser tas som exempel på bantaren. I bokens sista del utforskas alternativa kroppsideal bland icke-vita rappare och björnar, samt det motstånd mot fettfobi och förtryckande kroppsnormer som praktiseras av män inom kroppspositivismen och fettacceptansrörelsen. Anna Johansson är sociolog och genusvetare.

The Deceptive Activist Brian Martin

  • In your action group, is it ever beneficial to lie to other members? When is it wise to lie to authorities? If a member of your group has done something wrong, is it better to be open about it now or keep it hidden in the hope that outsiders will never know? What are the pros and cons of infiltrating opposition groups to collect information about harmful activities? Should we wear masks at rallies? There’s lots of research showing that lying is an everyday occurrence in most people’s lives, and furthermore that lies can be beneficial in some circumstances. But they can also be very damaging, especially lies by authorities. The Deceptive Activist introduces key ideas about lying and deception and then provides a series of case studies in which activists need to decide what to do. There are no final answers, but it is important to address the questions.
  • Irene

Nonviolence and Islamic Imperatives Chaiwat Satha-Anand

  • Nonviolence and Islamic Imperatives is a timely book that provides a valuable perspective to the ongoing dialogue on Islam, peace, and Islamophobia today. Chaiwat Satha-Anand offers his expertise as a peace researcher to inform readers on the history and present application of Islamic nonviolent movements, through contextual analysis of sacred texts, as well as, current examples of Islamic nonviolence in action. This perspective is vital to counter the false perception of violence in Islam. Nonviolence and Islamic Imperatives is highly relevant and critical to continuing a crucial dialogue on the subject matter.
  • Irene

Locked On! Marty Branagan

  • Ever wondered what it’s like to feel so strongly about an issue that you’ll go to jail for it? This novel, based on real-life environmental blockades but set within a humorous sci-fi universe, is a journey to the centre of nonviolent civil disobedience by an author who has been there repeatedly over decades. In a hilarious romp through the universe we meet eco-pirates, space heroines, Indigenous people and farmers united against corporate greed, corrupt governments and environmental destruction. With our world plagued by wars and global warming, its insights into the possibilities of nonviolence action bring hope and inspiration. With incisive social/political commentary, witty dialogue and some laugh-out-loud moments, it’s ultimately a love story: love for each other, for place and for doing what you believe in. It’s been described as ‘a masterpiece’, ‘a clever critique of contemporary issues’, ‘terrific stuff’ and ‘very very funny’. So stick out your thumb, strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride.
  • Irene

soft as water Charles P. Busch

  • A book of brilliantly simple meditations, soft as water is bursting with wisdom. It is a book that can change your life and change the world. If you believe in the necessity of peace in the Nuclear Age, this book will provide new insights and energy. Charles Busch doubles down on the power of story-telling. Every story in this book has deep meaning which is fleshed by a sharp reflection on its significance for peace and justice. soft as water offers some of the most important concepts of contemporary peacebuilding for individuals and groups in a soothing yet inspiring language. Whether you are concerned with inner peace or world peace, this book is full of insightful gems.

Caring About Hunger George Kent

  • In this world of abundant resources and huge wealth, hunger cannot be understood simply as a problem of food production. It is also a matter of human relations. Hunger grows out of widespread indifference and exploitation. The goal of ending hunger has been achieved in many places, including places where people have little money. In stable, strong communities, where people care about one another's well-being, no one goes hungry. That caring is strengthened when people work and play together. This insight tells us the direction we need to take to move toward a world without hunger. The problem of global hunger will be solved when we learn to live together well locally.
  • Irene