Janne Flyghed

JanneJanne Flyghed is professor in criminology at the Department of Criminology at Stockholm University.

Janne’s main research area  concerns how to keep crime at an acceptable level and still remain a decent society. How do we fight crime while respecting civil rights and freedoms? That part of his research has to a large extent dealt with different kinds of policing, lately with a certain focus on private policing. One example of this is the expansion of forensic investigations conducted by private security companies and audit firms.

Since 2014 Janne has been involved in the project Organised crime on the agenda, funded by the Ragnar Söderbergs Foundation. Business as usual. Corporate strategies in response to allegations of crime is another project he will be working with 2016-2019. Tthis is part of his interest in crimes committed by the powerful. Together with other researchers he will study the strategies employed by three Swedish businesses (Telia Sonera, Lundin Oil and Stora Enso) when defending themselves against allegations of crime.

Janne has also published articles concerning the Swedish state’s ambitions to use the Law to counteract conscientious objectors.

For further info and articles for downloading see Janne’s page at Stockholm University

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