Tormod Otter Johansen

Tormod Otter Johansen is a doctoral candidate in public law at University of Gothenburg. He currently works on a thesis concerning the concept of public administration in Swedish law. At the law programme he teaches constitutional and administrative law.

He also has broad research interests in legal theory and philosophy that complements his work in public law. Especially the works of Giorgio Agamben has been and continues to be important influences in his work. Notions of sovereignty, state of exception, economy and office are useful in grasping the state from a legal and philosophical perspective.

Tormod received his LLM from the University of Gothenburg and his MA in philosophy from Södertörn University in 2013.

Outside of his academic work Tormod works in different roles in the cultural field, especially with small scale publishing and with cultural journals in Gothenburg.

In Sparsnäs Tormod has made important progress on several papers and articles, enjoying the serene surroundings and the generous and welcome atmosphere for focused work.

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