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lockedonEver wondered what it’s like to feel so strongly about an issue that you’ll go to jail for it? This novel, based on real-life environmental blockades but set within a humorous sci-fi universe, is a journey to the centre of nonviolent civil disobedience by an author who has been there repeatedly over decades. Read more



sauoyaKampen om Sauøya er en bok som dokumenterer hvordan en liten gruppe direkte berørte tok kampen opp mot industriens planer om å ødelegge en fantastisk naturperle i Halden sentrum. Les mer


ideasforchangeIdeas for Change is an independent project to help improve the effectiveness of citizen activism. It’s a ’tool kit’ of around one hundred strategic principles and campaign tactics that – across the centuries – have changed the world for the better. Read more



SoftAsWaterCOVERA book of brilliantly simple meditations, soft as water is bursting with wisdom. It is a book that can change your life and change the world. If you believe in the necessity of peace in the Nuclear product_thumbnail.phpAge, this book will provide new insights and energy. Read more




Vad symboliserar den feta manskroppen i ett samhälle där det förs krig mot fetman och där den slanka, fettfria kroppen är norm – inte bara för kvinnor utan också för män? Läs mer





In 2009 in Australia, a citizens’ campaign was launched to silence public criticism of vaccination. This campaign involved an extraordinary variety of techniques to denigrate, harass and censor public vaccine critics. It was unlike anything seen in other scientific controversies, involving everything from alleging beliefs in conspiracy theories to rewriting Wikipedia entries. Read more


deceptiveIn your action group, is it ever beneficial to lie to other members? When is it wise to lie to authorities? If a member of your group has done something wrong, is it better to be open about it now or keep it hidden in the hope that outsiders will never know? What are the pros and cons of infiltrating opposition groups to collect information about harmful activities? Should we wear masks at rallies? Read more


NonviolenceCOVERNonviolence and Islamic Imperatives is a timely book that provides a valuable perspective to the ongoing dialogue on Islam, peace, and Islamophobia today.  Chaiwat Satha-Anand offers his expertise as a peace researcher to inform readers on the history and present application of Islamic nonviolent movements, through contextual analysis of sacred texts, as well as, current examples of Islamic nonviolence in action.  Read more


“Hugo Chávez: The Bolivarian Revolution from Up Close” by Eirik Vold

Worshiped by his poor followers, despised by his opponents and declared the number one threat to US interests in the Western Hemisphere by the Bush administration. This is the story of how Hugo Chávez, a poor boy raised in a mud hut in rural Venezuela, rose to global fame as he took on local elites and US hegemony. Read more


“Caring about Hunger” by George Kent

In this world of abundant resources and huge wealth, hunger cannot be understood simply as a problem of food production. It is also a matter of human relations. Hunger grows out of widespread indifference and exploitation. The goal of ending hunger has been achieved in many places, including places where people have little money.  Read more


“Motståndets sociologi: Kampen mot förtryck med fredliga och frihetliga medel” af Stellan Vinthagen

I denna banbrytande bok erbjuder Stellan Vinthagen en systematiskt teori om ickevåldslig aktivism. Vinthagen hanterar avgörande teoretiska frågor som rör ickevåldsaktioner på ett innovativt och genomträngande sätt. Han visar på en repertoar av ickevåld som kombinerar motstånd och uppbyggande av politiska alternativ.  Läs mera


“To Prevent or Stop Wars: What can Peace Movements Do?” by Christine Schweitzer with Jørgen Johansen. 

This book studies examples of peace movements of the last 110 years, from the conflict between Norway and Sweden in 1905 to the debate on military intervention in Syria in 2013. It looks at the impact these movements have had on the prevention or the ending of wars. Read more



“Deeply Felt: Reflections on Religion & Violence within the Anarchist Turn” by Karen Kennedy

This book is a reflection upon the ”anarchist turn”. It takes three ‘newish’ anarchists and interprets their work following the method of exegesis. Two questions guide the work. What can the anarchist turn tell us about revolution and nonviolence and what can it tell us about contemporary religion? Read more


“Collected Essays Part 1-3” by John S. Avery

These three books contain collections of essays and articles by John Scales Avery discussing the severe problems and challenges which the world faces during the 21st century.Human civilization and the biosphere are threatened by catastrophic climate change. Unless rapid steps are taken to replace fossil fuels by 100% renewable energy Read more

AveryTheNeed“The Need for a New Economic System” by John S. Avery

It is clear that our present economic system is unsustainable. Never-ending exponential industrial growth on a finite planet is a logical absurdity. We are already using resources at a rate which it would take 1.6 planet earths to replace.We are already undermining the ecological systems which support all of life. Read more


AverySpaceAgeSpace-Age Science and Stone-Age Politics by John S. Avery

Space-age science and stone-age politics make an extraordinarily dangerous mixture. It seems probable that in the future, the rapidity of scientificand technological change will produce ethical dilemmas and social tensions even more acute than those we experience today. Read more


“Journal of Resistance Studies” edited by Stellan Vinthagen

Journal of Resistance Studies is an international, interdisciplinary and peer- reviewed scientific journal that explores unarmed resistance. The focus is on critical understandings of resistance strategies, discourses, tactics, effects, causes, contexts and experiences. Read more

framsida_Adam_Tael“Livet älskar at gestalta sej” af Adam Tael

Författare Bengt Berg skrev om boken: “Livet älskar att gestalta sig heter Adam Taels bok, men kunde lika gärna hetat Jag älskar att gestalta  livet för det är det poeten gör. Det är en ganska vildvuxen samling dikter som präglas av stor energi när get gäller att ta sig an livets både mörka och ljusa sidor. Läs mera

“Responses to Nonviolent Campaigns” by Majken Jul Sørensen

Nonviolent social movements and campaigns are frequently met with violent repression from their opponents and cheers of encouragement from their supporters. However, it is also common for both authorities and third parties such as foreign governments, international organisations and media to be much more nuanced in their responses. Read more“Humorous Political Stunts: Nonviolent Public Challenges to Power” by Majken Jul Sørensen

A group of anti-conscription activists break into a prison, demanding to be jailed together with their friend already locked up because of his beliefs. Clowns from the rebel clown army mimic police sent to control political protests. Visiting Santas hand out presents taken from shop shelves without the approval of the shopping centre management.  Read more

“The First Palestinian Intifada Revisited” by Andrew Rigby

In this book, fully revised and updated since its first publication in 1991, Andrew Rigby addresses this gap through a detailed study of the dynamics of the first Palestinian intifada. The focus throughout is upon how Palestinians experienced the years of active resistance, both in relation to protest on the streets and in seeking to create alternative institutions… read more

“Nonviolence Unbound” By Brian Martin

Methods of nonviolent action can be used to bring down dictators. Nonviolence Unbound shows how insights into what makes nonviolent action eff ective can be applied to four completely diff erent arenas: defending against verbal abuse, responding to online defamatory pictures, and engaging in the struggles over euthanasia and vaccination. This investigation shows how to analyse options for opposing injustice. Read more

“Inburad” af Martin Smedjeback, Annika Spalde, Anna Sternfeldt, Pelle Strindlund (red.) och Stellan Vinthagen

Det här är en bok för alla som är nyfikna på vad som får vanliga medborgare att riskera fängelsestraff, och hur det är att vara inlåst som politisk aktivist. Läs mera


“Også krig er terror” av Gunnar Garbo

I boka gjennomgår Garbo kritisk utviklingen av militæralliansen NATO fra forsvarspakt til angrepsmakt. Et etterord i denne utgaven gir en flengende kritikk av Bush-kampanjen mot Irak.
Boka argumenterer for en norsk og internasjonal politikk som skaper fred og overvinner kriminalitet med fredelige midler, i samsvar med folkeretten. Les mer

The Controversy Manual“The Controversy Manual” by Brian Martin

Climate change, psychiatric drugs, genetically modified organisms, nuclear power, fluoridation, stem cell research — these are just a few of the hundreds of issues involving science and technology that are vigorously debated. If you care about an issue, how can you be more effective in arguing for your viewpoint and campaigning in support of it? The Controversy Manual offers practical advice… read more

Whistleblowing: A Practical Guide“Whistleblowing – a Practical Guide” by Brian Martin

You discover some wrongdoing, such as corruption, injustice or danger to the public. What should you do? If you do nothing, the problem will continue. If you speak out, you become a target for attack — and the problem may still continue. Whistleblowing: A Practical Guide tells how to assess your options, prepare for action, use low-profile operations, negotiate official channels, leak, build support and survive the experience. Read more

“På barrikaderne for fred” af Majken Jul Sørensen

Verdenshistorie fortælles ofte i glimt fra krig til krig. Denne fagbog ser på de glemte historier, hvor krigen ikke kom, og konflikter blev løst med fredelige midler. Volden er aldrig uundgåelig, men et valg – måske kun valgt på grund af uvidenhed om de ikkevoldelige alternativer. Selv midt i et krigshelvede er der altid mennesker, som arbejder for fred uden selv at ty til vold. Læs mere

backfire manual“Backfire Manual” by Brian Martin

In 1991, protesters in Dili, East Timor were massacred by Indonesian troops. This turned out to be a political disaster for the Indonesian government, greatly increasing international support for the East Timorese independence struggle. The massacre backfired on the Indonesian government. The Backfire Manual explains why. Read more.


Tackling Trident

“Tackling Trident” Edited by Stellan Vinthagen, Justin Kenrick and Kelvin Mason

Tackling Trident is about two unique academic conferences in which an international group of academics, while discussing scientific conference papers, simultaneously blockaded Faslane Naval Base, home of the UK’s Trident system of nuclear weapons of mass destruction, in Scotland, in January and June 2007. This book presents the academics that took part in… read more.

“Den nødvendige ulydigheten” Av Åsne Berre Persen og Jørgen Johansen.

Debatt om civil olydnad och utvecklingen av demokrati i Norge. Bokens författare argumenterar för att civil olydnad har varit viktigt i utvecklingen av det demokratiska samhället. De beskriver historiska exempel från medeltiden och fram till våra dagar. Les mer


“Experiments with Peace, Celebrating Johan Galtung’s 80th Birthday” edited by Jørgen Johansen and John Y. Jones

To honour Galtung at 80, this book includes forewords by Archbishop Desmund Tutu and Narayan Desai, along with chapters from other leading contributors in celebration of peace and nonviolent struggles for justice and the peaceful resolution of conflicts across the world. Read more.

Doing Good Things Better “Doing Good Things Better” by Brian Martin

This is a book about how to improve what you are already doing well. How to improve your writings as an academic, playingskills as a musician, jogging as a runner or honour codes as a good citizen and friend. Read more.



Jag tar aldrig på mig mördarkappan! Hyllningsskrift till Rickard Almskoug 1887 – 1909

Rickard Almskoug har sedan 1909 varit en förebild för många som konsekvent vägrat värnplikt. I denna skrift belysas värnplikten ur många synvinklar. Läs mera



Socialt Försvar – en ickevåldsrevolution av Jørgen Johansen

Ett socialt försvar är en motmakt för den som inte har en fet plånbok, för den som vill försvara sig utan att använda våld. Den som lärt sig grunderna kan, som i Östeuropa 1989 och Tunisien och Egypten 2011, aktivt vara med och störta militärdiktaturer lika väl som att försvara dagis eller demokratin. Läs mera

Sosialt Forsvar – Ikkevoldskamp mot vår tids trusler av Jørgen Johansen

Dette er en bok for de som er interessert i å lære om hva ikkevoldskamp er og hvordan den fungerer. Boka ønsker å vise at ikkevoldelige aksjoner er vanlig forekommende i alle deler av verden, i ulike samfunnssystemer og har vært brukt til alle tider. Les mer

“I det som synes ske” af Ola Friholt

Ola Friholt, född 1937 och uppvuxen i fiskeläget Stocken på Orust. Efter studier och några år som språklärare arbetade han som volontär i ett slumområde i Madras/Chennai och i en by i Indien och en tid i en by i Bangladesh. Hemma har han resten av livet frilansat som aktivist, skribent och föreläsare om fred, konflikter och solidaritet, mestadels tillsammans med sin fru Erni. Läs mera.

Omslag“Mot maktens språk” af Ola Friholt

Ola Friholt, född 1937 och uppvuxen i fiskeläget Stocken på Orust. Efter studier och några år som språklärare arbetade han som volontär i ett slumområde i Madras/Chennai och i en by i Indien och en tid i en by i Bangladesh. Hemma har han resten av livet frilansat som aktivist, skribent och föreläsare om fred, konflikter och solidaritet, mestadels tillsammans med sin fru Erni. Läs mera

coverola3Rasismens rötter: Om självgodhetens kultur af Ola Friholt

Ola Friholt, född 1937 i fiskeläget Stocken på Orust. Efter några år som språklärare avhoppad 1970 för volontärtjänst i en slum i Madras (nu Chennai) och i byar i södra Indien och Bangladesh. Solidaritet blev livslångt åtagande genom att skriva, föreläsa och debattera tillsammans med fru Erni. Läs mera