Experiments with Peace

To honour Galtung at 80, this book includes forewords by Archbishop Desmund Tutu and Narayan Desai, along with chapters from other leading contributors in celebration of peace and nonviolent struggles for justice and the peaceful resolution of conflicts across the world.



Peace has been the overarching theme in Johan Galtung’s many endeavours throughout his long life’s journey. Given Johan Galtung’s broad output of around 120 books and 1,000 articles, the selection of a few examples can in no way do justice to his writing. In addition to a vast production of books, research and articles, and a frantic travelling schedule between lectures and meetings is the impressive list of institutions he has initiated from the very first days of his long academic career. After receiving his mag. art. degree in 1957, Galtung moved to Columbia University in New York, returning to Oslo in 1959, where he founded the International Peace Research Institute (PRIO). As its director for 10 years he saw the institute develop from a department within the Norwegian Institute of Social Research into an independent research institute. In 1964 the first academic journal devoted to Peace Studies: the Journal of Peace Research was established, and that same year Galtung assisted in the founding of the International Peace Research Association. The late Elise Boulding, who knew him like few others, stated that Johan Galtung has served at so many universities’ that he has probably taught more students on more campuses around the world than any other contemporary sociologist’.

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